Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an extraordinary natural wonder and one that music fans clamor to visit. Musicians ranging from The Beatles and U2 to Mumford & Sons frequently come here for its unparalleled acoustics.

Ship and Creation Rock are two 160 million-year-old monoliths whose acoustics make this venue remarkable. Read on to gain more insight into this stunning venue.

The History

Red Rocks Park has long been revered by musicians for its stunning acoustics and stunning scenery – but also has a long and rich history, having hosted humans as well as dinosaurs alike.

John Brisben Walker, known as a Renaissance man and Garden of the Titans patron, began inviting musicians to perform on makeshift platforms at Red Rocks park. Over time, his reputation spread and Red Rocks quickly became one of the premier locations to perform.

Denver purchased an area in 1927 and began plans to construct an amphitheater modeled on Taormina, Italy’s. However, following the stock market crash of 1929, plans stalled until 1936 when Denver architect Burnham Hoyt finally finished them – it took 12 more years until construction actually began with help from Civilian Conservation Corps volunteers and Works Progress Administration workers as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal programs helping with construction efforts.

The Venue

Red Rocks Amphitheatre provides unmatched acoustics for musical performances of any kind – be it an orchestra of 25 players or just one solo singer with their voice soaring through its funnel-like space. Ship Rock and Creation Rock add an additional layer of clarity during any performance at Red Rocks.

Artists often opt to book shows here even when they could sell out larger venues, and fans flock to Colorado in droves to catch acts gracing the stage here. Even if a show doesn’t leave an indelible mark on them, experiencing such breathtaking venues remains unforgettable.

The Seating

Red Rocks concerts offer more than music; they provide an unforgettable experience, complete with breathtaking natural surroundings and outstanding acoustics that create an incredible ambiance for attendees – leaving lifelong memories both for locals and visitors.

Before attending an event, many guests partake in tailgating at parking lots or neighborhood parks to increase comradery and build anticipation before entering the venue. There is also dining available as well as opportunities to discover stunning surroundings through Trading Post sections within parks.

Burnham Hoyt set out during construction with one goal in mind: to minimize architectural intervention while still taking full advantage of all that the site offered: the views and its remarkable acoustics. His approach helped foster an immersive outdoor exploration, musical appreciation and natural beauty experience that leaves no stone unturned.

The Weather

Red Rocks is an outdoor venue, so shows may be subject to all elements of Colorado weather, including sun exposure, strong wind gusts and severe rain or snow showers. According to its website, attendees should come prepared for full exposure to sunlight, strong wind gusts and intense precipitation such as rain or snowfall.

Hail storms are not unusual at the Morrison site, which lies 6,450 feet above sea level and can often become windy. A concert had to be halted after marble-sized hail hit fans in the stands; West Metro Fire Rescue treated 90 concert-goers for injuries — mostly cuts but also some broken bones reported 9NEWS.

Red Rocks staff may advise everyone at Red Rocks when the weather worsens to take shelter nearby. There are two red sandstone monoliths for fans to seek refuge beneath, though this doesn’t necessarily protect from lightning strikes.

The Park-Goer Tip

Red Rocks is more than just a concert venue; it is an icon of natural beauty, history and musical prowess. Navigating this beloved destination may present some challenges for first-time concertgoers.

No matter if it is your first or tenth visit to Red Rocks, these tips will make your visit memorable and maximize enjoyment while prioritizing safety. Check back next time for even more concert goer tips at Red Rocks!

Access the venue through the Lower South Parking lot (shown as dotted line on map) for an easier entrance and exit experience! Remember to bring plenty of water with you as well as a hat and sunblock!