Matt Rife, a Comedian From North Lewisburg, Ohio

Matt Rife, an internationally popular TikTok user with a sold-out world tour and self-produced his Netflix special Natural Selection in 2023 – prompting widespread public outrage despite receiving support from MTV for developing workplace sitcom series and appearing as guest star appearances in other media.

Social media users demanded the cancellation of a comedian after making offensive jokes about domestic violence, sparking widespread outrage online and at Luther Burbank Center on Wednesday during his ProblemMATTic World Tour.

About the Comedian

Rife, who is still in his early 30s, gained fame when videos of him working the crowd and engaging audience members went viral on TikTok. Soon thereafter he amassed an extensive following consisting largely of straight women attracted by his beauty.

His debut Netflix special, Natural Selection, caused quite the uproar and spurred a lively dialogue about whether comedy can ever truly be funny when it offends vulnerable groups of people. There were jokes pertaining to porn, school shootings, disability issues and the KKK; there’s even an awkward long riff about male anatomy as well as an entire segment on protection crystals!

Rife’s jokes, which often strike a nerve with his Gen Z audience, have been described as misogynistic and contribute to a culture of toxic male-dominated comedy that allows predatory behavior like that seen from Russell Brand and Louis C.K. However, Rife plans on continuing despite backlash because he believes he has the right to say whatever makes him laugh.

Social Media

Rife’s viral TikTok moments and Netflix special Natural Selection (2023) revolve around his crowd work. He frequently interacts with his audience, with many fans being attracted to him in particular – leading to speculation of cosmetic surgery procedures as well as an abundance of straight women attending his shows in hopes of flirting with or being charmed by Rife himself.

He starts his special with an opening joke about domestic violence and continues with jokes pertaining to marijuana, old people and masturbation – among many other topics.

Mizejewski notes that some may want to impose a social boycott against comedians who make controversial jokes, yet she considers their reaction misplaced. Comedy with dark undertones can bring light-hearted relief for difficult topics without resorting to low-effort and unsatisfying punchlines – thus explaining Rife’s comedy career continues despite any backlash he may receive.

Netflix Special

Matt Rife rose to fame through TikTok and media hype, but is yet to build an established fanbase for himself as a comedian. His first Netflix special, Natural Selection, premiered November 15, but quickly stirred controversy due to an offensive joke regarding domestic abuse.

Rife’s joke occurred within three minutes of starting his show in Baltimore and generated outrage from TikTok users and social media users alike. Rife made reference to how “ratchet” the city is relative to other parts of Maryland. His remarks caused an immediate uproar on TikTok and social media.

Reaction was swift, and while Rife apologized to his audience, he didn’t seem to care what people had to say about him. Additionally, his performance was widely criticized due to dry and bland jokes that didn’t land with audiences – much to the displeasure of fans hoping for him to reach wider audiences. It remains uncertain how this will impact Rife’s career prospects but no doubt this incident has had an effect on current popularity levels.


Matt Rife hails from North Lewisburg, Ohio, and began performing comedy at 15 years old. Since then, his act has blossomed to open for notable comedians such as DL Hughley and Ralphie May and guest appear on shows like Wild ‘n Out”, Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, and the NBC competition series Bring the Funny.”

Rife also produced his own one-hour comedy special entitled, “Only Fans,” released in 2021. Rife’s captivating stage presence and relatable jokes make him an audience favorite.

Rife had originally planned on performing at Indiana’s IU Auditorium on February 14; however, due to a medical emergency, his show was postponed and ticket holders will receive refunds for the rescheduled dates. His ProbleMATTic world tour will resume June 12 at Ryman Auditorium in Memphis Tennessee with several sold-out shows scheduled throughout North America and Europe; furthermore he is working on developing his gym/workplace comedy series project.