Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Musicians and fans alike appreciate the incredible acoustics of this natural amphitheater, where sound waves echo off its red rocks to provide an unforgettable musical experience. Performances at Red Rocks Park have included those by The Beatles, U2, and John Denver – to name but a few!

Cranmer hired Denver architect Burnham Hoyt to design continental seating for his theater, construction of which began during a Civilian Conservation Corps project.


No matter where you sit at an amphitheater, stunning red sandstone formations will surround you – making for an experience unlike anything else on Earth!

Ship Rock and Creation Rock are two rock formations on either side of the seating area that tower 300 feet high; higher than Niagara Falls! Their natural acoustics make this venue perfect for musical performances.

Red Rocks also enhances your connection between music and nature at this outdoor venue, often graced by stunning sunsets or starry nights. That is what has made Red Rocks an unforgettable experience for fans who have attended concerts featuring legendary performers like Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and Jimi Hendrix – making Red Rocks such a memorable destination.

Red Rocks park rangers advise bringing blankets for concerts at Red Rocks, while the Visitor Center features educational displays on its geological and musical history. Summer evenings tend to be windy at altitude and extra layers may be necessary; food may also be brought along, provided it comes in non-collapsible containers.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre provides breathtaking, panoramic views from every seat – providing unforgettable memories and musical experiences to every attendee at its legendary Colorado venue. Concerts here leave many attendees with lifelong memories regardless of musical taste!

Red Rocks Amphitheater provides many entertaining and exploratory experiences beyond concerts, such as Trading Post Trail or the Red Rocks Amphitheater Visitor Center and Museum. Visitors may hike Trading Post Trail or explore its geology, trees, wildflowers and wildlife at this park’s Visitor Center and museum.

Red Rocks’ giant sandstone outcroppings offer spectacular acoustics that draw musicians from around the world to perform here, earning it its legendary status and inspiring iconic live albums like U2’s “U2 Live at Red Rocks: Under a Blood Red Sky.” Additionally, its location makes for an amazing experience both for locals and tourists.


Red Rocks stands out for more than its breathtaking scenery; its unparalleled acoustics accentuate any band‘s sound, making it one of the most beloved venues among musicians of all genres. Many visiting musicians visit Red Rocks to shoot music videos or record albums here.

This park features hiking trails and other activities for visitors throughout the day, and also houses the Colorado Music Hall of Fame within its Trading Post.

Red Rocks sits at 6,450 feet elevation, so it is wise to wear comfortable footwear and keep hydrated throughout your visit. Altitude sickness may lead to dehydration so it is crucial that hydratation occurs prior and throughout a show.

If you’re an avid music lover, purchasing tickets to a local performance is sure to delight. Tickets include dinner and drinks as well as the opportunity to walk through the tunnel backstage during a performance; meet artists in the process of their creation while witnessing it first-hand! Plus you’ll learn all about its geological history! Take a guided tour for even more insight.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre is more than a concert venue; it’s an experience rooted in Colorado’s cultural landscape. Situated amid towering red rock formations, this venue provides breathtaking views and unmatched acoustics – perfect for concertgoers of any skill level or visitors simply passing through! Here are some essential tips on navigating it like an expert!

Parking is included with ticket purchases, and lots fill quickly. Plan ahead and arrive early to secure a space if driving; the Upper North Lot provides quick access to venue entrance as well as stunning scenery views.

Lower North Lot is the closest parking option, though still requires an uphill hike to reach your event destination. If possible, South Lot offers stunning scenery but requires more walking. Regardless of which lot you end up choosing, make sure you wear comfortable shoes! Traffic control staff will direct you towards your ideal spot upon arriving.