Not Too Late by Norah Jones

Norah Jones emerged as an international star with the release of her groundbreaking 2002 debut album Come Away With Me. Born to sitar maestro Ravi Shankar and with roots in country music, folk, Americana and modern light jazz influences, Norah blends these musical genres seamlessly.

Matt Cherette welcomes her back onto his podcast for an in-depth discussion about Visions, her ninth studio album released in 2020. Compared to Pick Me Up Off the Floor’s powerful 2020 release, Visions stands as an artistic ideal of grace and nobility.

Her Early Years

Norah Jones has distinguished herself since her 2002 debut, Come Away With Me. A nine-time GRAMMY award recipient, she has sold more than 52 million albums worldwide.

Norah spent her teens at Dallas’ Booker T Washington High School for the Performing Arts playing piano and singing in local coffeehouses. She won two Down Beat Student Music Awards as well as started writing songs.

In 1999, she accepted a sublet offer in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village from a friend and never looked back, becoming one of the world’s most beloved artists, known for performing classic renditions and original music alike. Her 2004 release Feels Like Home met critical and commercial success alike and provided the ideal balance of originals and standards that cemented her legacy as one of today’s premier performers.

Come Away With Me

Jones’ gentle voice pleads for love and intimacy that transcends the chaos of everyday life, envisioning an idealized personal world where only her lover truly understands who they really are.

Come Away With Me is Jones’ 2002 debut album title track that captures her patient, laid-back style perfectly. Her soothing vocals and delicate melody create an intoxicating atmosphere that draws listeners in to experience her poetic lyrics.

Quality Record Pressings has released this classic recording in an exclusive 180-gram audiophile vinyl edition to commemorate Norah Jones’ emergence as an unparalleled talent. Mastered from original source recordings by Kevin Gray, and featuring heavy cardboard tip-on jackets pressed onto heavyweight cardboard sleeves pressed with tip-on jackets, this deluxe edition stands as the definitive version of her now classic masterpiece.

Feels Like Home

Norah Jones stands out among modern pop singers as one of the few who can successfully cover all areas of musical performance, from jazz and country to folk rock and beyond. She can switch between comical anguish and deep emotion seamlessly – an impressive feat indeed!

Feels Like Home, her sophomore album, marks a significant departure from the jazzy sounds found on Come Away With Me and closer to the country-influenced work she began producing early on. Lyrically speaking, Feels Like Home describes toes dipping in water and old pine floors – you can almost smell them.

Norah Jones launched her own podcast in 2022 featuring candid conversations and impromptu musical collaborations between herself and some of her favorite musicians. We watched an episode where Norah performed one song for us!

Not Too Late

Not Too Late is Norah Jones’ third record and marks her progression as an accomplished songwriter. Although much of it is her original material, her beau and bassist Lee Allen co-wrote and produced. It was masterised at Cohearent Audio from original source recordings by Kevin Gray; all hybrid SACD players can play this disc.

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Norah Jones captured music world imagination in 2002 with her soft yet mesmerizing pop sound on Come Away With Me and Don’t Know Why, garnering multi-platinum success en route to earning eight Grammy Awards over time.

Since that time, Jones has experimented with her sound through albums such as Not Too Late (2006), The Fall (2009) and Little Broken Hearts (2012) to produce a uniquely captivating mix of country, Americana, modern light jazz and indie-pop/rock while staying true to her jazz roots. Now with Visions as her ninth record and first non-Christmas release since four years (co-produced by Leon Michels who worked closely with Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings before she passed), Visions offers up an engaging mix of country Americana Americana modern jazz as well as indie pop/rock.