The Benefits of Music

Music is one of the core expressions that unites all human cultures. From singing alphabet songs with infants to rock anthems that celebrate teen independence, music encapsulates our shared spirit both individually and communally.

Plato and Aristotle saw music as a representation of celestial movement and order; Epicureans and Stoics placed greater emphasis on sensation than did Plato, yet all three still considered music an adjunct to living a life filled with pleasure and meaning.

It Lifts the Spirits

Music can help improve your mood in numerous ways. Researchers have revealed that listening to positive-mood songs can lower blood pressure and heart rate while simultaneously increasing energy levels; hence the popularity of Zumba and similar group exercise programs which use music as part of their program to set the tempo, provide excitement and promote cohesion between class members.

Studies have proven that classical music can also serve to alleviate anxiety in situations that are stressful or anxious, such as hospital waiting rooms during MRI scans where classical music provides a relaxing respite for patients undergoing these scans.

Music can provide your brain with a workout, helping to improve memory and other processing capabilities. However, some may find music distracting when trying to complete an essay or prepare for a test; therefore, putting music aside might be best.

It Makes You Think

Studies have demonstrated that music can help increase focus by decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone. Music also makes you more attentive and alert while certain genres can strengthen your capacity to process complex information, solve problems efficiently and create fresh new ideas.

One study involved participants being asked to memorize images, letters, and numbers while listening to rock or classical music. When playing music was playing they remembered more information faster because music creates a consistent sound environment for your brain to easily distinguish between different sounds.

Studies have also demonstrated how listening to music can assist us in making more prosocial decisions. When listening to songs with positive lyrics, your brain becomes more likely to associate those lyrics with giving or helping others – this occurs due to familiar music triggering its reward centers as well as lyrics’ positivity stimulating your reward centers.

It Makes You Feel

Music can have a dramatic effect on how we feel, whether it’s high-energy rock anthem or soothing acoustic performance. Music has the ability to trigger feelings of euphoria and happiness or cause sadness or anger; boost athletic performance, increase motivation and even help jog memories; calm anxiety and improve sleep quality while relieving stress and lowering blood pressure.

Learning music can have numerous positive benefits for mental health and self-esteem. Mastering songs can also bring immense satisfaction from having achieved your goal! There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as setting a goal, working towards it, and eventually succeeding!

Listening to calming or soothing music can help alleviate stress by relaxing breathing and heart rate, and decreasing levels of cortisol hormone. This can prevent chronic stress that has detrimental effects on both body and immune system health.

It’s Relatable

Musical arts provide an expressive outlet for human emotions that can be understood in multiple ways. Music connects us across cultures and can even convey more emotion than verbal communication alone.

Music differs from noise in that it contains pitch (whether high or low), rhythm and harmony; although animals such as songbirds and monkeys also create music, most music-makers today are human beings.

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