Monster Jam – Full-Throttle Family Fun at Prudential Center This Weekend

Experience full throttle family fun at Monster Jam as world-class athletes drive 12,000-pound monster trucks in racing and freestyle competitions, giving fans up-close views of fan favorites like Grave Digger, Megalodon, and Whiplash! Don’t miss this experience for yourself!

While fans enjoy watching trucks such as Bigfoot and Grave Digger compete against each other in racing events, the highlight of each show is undoubtedly the freestyle event. Drivers have two minutes to perform an array of jumps and tricks for the crowd to score them on.

The History of Monster Jam

Monster Jam events have an outstanding safety record; only very rarely has there been an incident when something unintentionally launched from a truck or crush car has struck an attendee, although one such incident led to fatality.

Fans participating in Monster Jam’s FS1 era can put themselves in the driver’s seat by voting for their preferred drivers during freestyle portion and interact with drivers via designated Pit Parties.

Since 1999, four World Finals championship events have taken place since 1999 to showcase top drivers in racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle disciplines. Unfortunately due to complications arising from COVID-19 pandemic they were postponed until 2022 but will return with renewed intensity!

The Trucks

Monster Jam didn’t start off as the billion-dollar event it is today; rather, it began as a mere sideshow at events such as mud-bog events, tractor pulls, motocross races and county fairs. At these early shows were trucks designed as passion projects by off-road enthusiasts who never foresaw that their hobby would become part of a live motorsport tour with competitions that include racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle competitions.

Each truck is powered by a 540 cubic-inch Chevrolet big-block engine which burns methanol to produce 1,500 horsepower, fed through an electronic fuel injection system from Holley that controls air, spark and fuel delivery.

Drivers are protected at all times with a specially-designed roll cage, using a special steering wheel and seat designed to meet their shape. Furthermore, they have access to a computer-telemetry system which helps them monitor and optimize each truck’s performance; even though their size makes them appear unresponsive.

The Tracks

Monster Jam(r) pits world-renowned driver athletes against iconic trucks of all time for high-octane competitions that test speed, agility and engineering to its limits. Monster Jam vehicles generate 1,500 horsepower powered by methanol fuel and are specially-built to maneuver over obstacles while racing along a predetermined course – until only two remain. Qualifying can help establish brackets before racing begins.

Monster Jam also incorporates Freestyle competition, in which drivers perform jumps and stunts that require extreme levels of skill and agility. The top stunts are scored and awarded points; the one with the most points wins the Freestyle title.

Pit Parties allow fans aged two years or over the opportunity to interact closely with Monster Jam trucks up close and personal. Admission tickets must be purchased separately due to capacity restrictions, ticket type availability and local authorities’ regulations.

The Drivers

Monster Jam trucks will roar into Prudential Center this weekend led by world-class athletes. Drivers undergo intensive training for every aspect of the sport and require physical strength and mental stamina to control 12,000-pound trucks that perform backflips, vertical two-wheel skills and reach 70 miles per hour speeds.

Monster Jam drivers are an impressive group, and not all male. Women drivers are an increasingly important component of the roster; 13 female drivers will work this year’s circuit; this number marks an all-time record.

Monster Jam drivers aren’t just athletes; they’re also artists and designers. Each driver is responsible for designing the unique paint jobs and designs on their trucks – perhaps most notable is Backdraft’s 50s hot rod inspired appearance, complete with flames emanating from its hood.