Matt Rife – Rising Star in the Comedy World

Matt Rife

Matt Rife is an internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian with his own YouTube channel and website as well as several television appearances to his credit. Currently on an extensive world tour and with two Netflix specials under his belt.

An inappropriate joke he made about domestic violence caused an outrage from both his fans and critics, ultimately causing him to lose mainstream appeal.

He is a stand-up comedian

Rife, originally from Ohio, began his stand-up comedy journey at age 15. Quickly becoming popular online and landing several gigs with top comedians, Rife eventually signed a development deal with Netflix for workplace comedy series development and released his inaugural special, Natural Selection.

The special features crowd work, an increasingly popular style of comedy in which comics interact with audience members to make jokes. This special premiered in the top 10 on November 15, but has caused considerable debate due to jokes regarding domestic violence and gender identity.

Rife maintains that his jokes are not offensive and does not need to apologize. He also claims he’s taking time off due to exhaustion; however, Chicago Theatre and Ryman Auditorium shows have already been rescheduled at his request, while Indiana University offers policies where ticketholders may request their money back if they cannot attend future shows.

He has a YouTube channel

Rife has quickly established himself in the comedy world with his popular Netflix special and sell-out tour, appearing as Logan in Fresh Off the Boat as well as guest starring on Wild ‘n Out and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (WWIOB99) respectively. Additionally, Overnight on YouTube serves as his paranormal investigative channel.

Rife’s fame has been propelled in part by his attractive features and magnetic stage presence. According to a Times profile on him, women flock to his shows in large numbers – many even declaring they would trade husbands for him!

He had two shows scheduled this week at IU Auditorium in Bloomington, Indiana but had to postpone them due to illness. According to an email sent out to ticket holders, he experienced extreme exhaustion symptoms that nearly caused fainting while traveling there.

Rescheduled dates for his Chicago Theatre and Ryman Auditorium shows will be made known at a later time, while refunds can be issued 30 days from their original purchase date.

He has a website

Matt Rife, a young stand-up comedian who quickly rose to TikTok stardom, will visit Cincinnati in October. Hailing from Ohio originally, Rife started as an open mic night hopeful at Columbus Funny Bone before touring nationwide and earning the respect of comedy veterans alike.

Rife caused outrage online after making a joke about domestic violence that caused offence during his Netflix special Natural Selection, released November 15. To appease his critics he posted a video appearing as an apology but actually directed them towards special needs helmet websites instead.

Rife had planned to perform at Chicago Theatre this week from Thursday through Sunday and Tennessee’s Ryman Auditorium next month; these shows have now been postponed due to his health, with ticket holders receiving refunds; Rife is currently working on developing a workplace sitcom for Netflix, as well as two stand-up specials that he signed a deal for earlier this year.

He has a Twitter account

Matt Rife has made headlines with his controversial jokes. A Twitter post about the COVID-19 outbreak caused uproar and backlash, prompting an apology and promise to change tone; but this did not appease critics; Ohio native Rife has also been accused of racism and sexism; his flirty stage presence has earned him many female admirers over time.

He has appeared on multiple MTV shows and guest starred in multiple sitcoms, and currently working on developing a workplace comedy for Netflix as well as debuting his first special, Natural Selection.

Before becoming TikTok-famous, Rife had difficulty breaking into the stand-up scene. To start his career he self-produced and released one-hour specials via YouTube; eventually landing an appearance in Bring the Funny 2021 as well as signing an exclusive contract with Netflix to produce multiple specials.