Pop Star Facts – Adele


Adele stands out as a refreshing voice in modern pop music. Her candid nature onstage, in interviews and within her music has won her fans around the globe respect.

Tottenham-born singer-songwriter Adele is one of the highest-selling performers of this century – but her journey hasn’t always been straightforward.

Her voice

Adele stands out among pop singers because she takes full advantage of her vocal abilities, enabling her to produce an impressive, full sound in both her lower register and midrange/belting section of her voice (for examples see Hometown Glory or Someone Like You). Furthermore, her falsetto is airy yet expressive while her head voice boasts more operatic than pop elements.

Adele stands apart from other US female pop stars like Diana Ross, Shania Twain and Shania Zabriskie in that her songs chronicle rites of passage for female listeners: 19 marked her teenage experience; 21 was when adulthood transitioned; 25 marked the start of relationships and love. Adele excels at telling these tales with powerful yet emotive songs like Rolling In The Deep where she can take listeners through scornful ex-girlfriends, heartbroken lovers and sweet wives all at once – or belt out powerfully like she does in Rolling In The Deep’s final performance climax!

Her lyrics

Adele is widely revered as one of the most emotive, vulnerable, and intimate artists working today. Adele’s latest album 30 is her most emotive yet; it chronicles her divorce from Simon Konecki and its effect on her outlook on life.

Her music also addresses women’s issues and feminism. For instance, she has written songs that speak about empowering women while advocating against sexism and rape in her songs.

Adele’s “Hello” stands out as an unforgettable heartbreak song, boasting all the hallmarks of classic breakup songs: an infectious melody, deep lyrics, and haunting chorus. But behind its surface lies something else remarkable about Adele’s song: it explores a girl’s fear of losing love; her attempts at pretending not knowing about its end highlights her yearning for stability in her relationship; while Adele’s lyrics express her fear that there won’t be another man to love her in similar fashion as the one before.

Her career

Adele became one of the first major British pop stars to rise from obscurity via social media, posting her songs on MySpace in 2006. Subsequently she signed with Jamie T’s record label and released her debut album 19 with single “Chasing Pavements”. Adele received immense acclaim and numerous accolades, such as an Oscar Award for Skyfall theme song performance.

Adele took an extended hiatus from 19 and returned with her fourth album 30, which became a global phenomenon. Adele remains one of the best-selling artists of this century and her live shows are legendary for their energy, emotion, and intimacy.

She is well known for being candid onstage and in interviews, discussing both her personal life and weight issues with no fear of reprisals from audiences or management teams. Furthermore, she has assembled her own “A-Team”, consisting of world-class producers and managers to keep the show moving along smoothly.

Her relationships

Adele is known for being very hands-on when it comes to her career and managing her multi-million pound international brand. She frequently references Etta James as an influence, taking music’s business side very seriously (even having outbursts of QVC-style giggles when in front of Jimmy Fallon!).

Fans have seen glimpses into her personal life through songs about heartbreak. When she went through a Saturn return at 30 she used the album 30 to reflect back on that period and create an outlet.

Adele has been dating sports agent Rich Paul since 2021. Their romance ignited marriage rumors when Adele called Rich Paul her “husband” during one of her shows in Las Vegas in September 2023, sparking wedding speculations. Since then, the two have often been seen out together and Adele often posts pictures featuring both him and herself on Instagram.