Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Experience Red Rocks concerts like never before: from 25-piece brass bands blasting through dense soundscapes to experimental singers belting out unhinged vocals; their unique acoustics offer the ideal platform for musicians of any kind to shine and test themselves against each other’s performances.

With its steep pitch and spectacular views, there isn’t a bad seat in the house (although windy nights may interfere with sound quality on top). But Colorado landmark is much more than that!

The History of Red Rocks

Early in the twentieth century, John Brisben Walker began inviting musicians to perform on a temporary platform nestled between Ship Rock and Creation Rock for performances that showcased their natural acoustics. Word spread of this unique venue; soon thereafter Denver purchased it in 1928, while architect Burnham Hoyt completed designing what would later become Red Rocks Amphitheatre by 1936.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre has long been recognized for its world-class acoustics and breathtaking surroundings, drawing thousands of visitors every year who flock to see world-famous acts perform on an intimate outdoor stage set against dramatic rock formations.

Park visitors are invited to take advantage of one hour prior to sunrise until one hour after sunset for hiking trails, biking and picnicking in this majestic mountain landscape abound with pine needles, wildflowers and mountain air. Many enjoy trekking up Trading Post Trail while attending Yoga on the Rocks provides an inspiring downward dog practice with spectacular mountain vistas as a backdrop.

The Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver offers concerts every spring through fall ranging from country music to the Colorado Symphony – and is not to be missed on any trip to Denver-area! Locals will tell you that any visit is incomplete without taking in one.

The park is open during the day for free, offering visitors a visitor center, trading post and miles of hiking trails that provide spectacular views. Athletes looking to challenge themselves can run up the amphitheater’s stone steps for a quick workout; those wanting an easy alternative may wish to attend Yoga on the Rocks to stretch and breathe in fresh air.

If you’re planning on attending an amphitheater show, carpooling with friends or taking public transportation are both great ways to avoid parking fees and congestion. As the lower South lot has the highest elevation and distance to travel from any of the other lots, it can add extra time and cost into reaching your venue of choice.

The Seating

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater offer an unforgettable natural and musical experience for visitors of all kinds. Boasting beautiful hiking trails and enormous red sandstone monoliths that provide stunning scenery, this venue features world-class acoustics; even whispers can be heard throughout its seating area!

Amphitheater seating arrangements typically consist of general admission for shows at the top and front rows, with reserved seating being made available during middle rows performances. When buying tickets for any specific event, please check its page to get details regarding where your ticket gets you.

Be mindful that the venue sits at an elevation of 6,500 feet; bring plenty of cold beverages and snacks for enjoyment during the show, along with water (both altitude and alcohol can lead to rapid dehydration), snacks, water bottles and plenty of cash as there will be multiple concession stands around to provide refreshments – there will surely be something suitable for every taste bud!


Disability Law Colorado filed a class action lawsuit that resulted in stricter rules governing accessible seating at Red Rocks. Under this new policy, tickets sold as wheelchair accessible can only be used by patrons who actually need them; thus preventing scalpers from purchasing them then selling them at higher prices later on.

To enhance accessibility at the amphitheater, a South Ramp will be built from parking lots to Row 70; improvements will also be made to slopes from Row 70 back into parking lot; more seats will become wheelchair-accessible – including those in Row 1.

Coloradoans and visitors to Colorado often flock to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison for its memorable summer performances, and this map created by Drew is an effective tool that shows distance and elevation differences along each route to this iconic venue. It’s designed to save users energy while taking the shortest route into Red Rocks – it could save their breath!