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As promised here is part 2 of my Elton John blog.  I don’t know about you, but I just love Elton John’s music, his down to earth personality, he is a family man, and seems to be a best friend.  (Well that’s how I feel).

“This is the end.”  He’s not kidding.  “My priorities are in my life are now my children, my husband, and my family, I want to be home.”  Elton John claimed in 1977 to retire only returning 2 years later.  But this time after 300 scheduled performing dates over the next 3 years he will retire #exhausted.

Elton John’s  tour is big business

 Elton John’s tour is big business, which will sell around 4,947,824 tickets grossing $590,709,626.  There is one thing to say about Elton John, he is not shy about his ticket pricing.  It is said that he is not good on his numbers and $ reporting. Anyway, with farewell tour announcements, it does put a demand on concert ticket sales.  What a great retirement plan!

Elton John’s Aids Foundation

Elton John’s Aids Foundation is a nonprofit established in 1992 in the United States, and 1993 in the United Kingdom.  The foundation has raised over $200 million dollars to support HIV related programs in over fifty-five countries.  In 1993 the organization began hosting the annual Elton John Aids Foundation Academy Award Party.

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 70 years old and still going strong

At 70 Elton is still going strong with his music, costumes, and spirit.  His love for life has been enhanced by his marriage to David Furnish.  David was born in 1962 in Toronto Canada.  He graduated from university in 1985 in business advertising.  After working in advertising with Ogilvy & Mather he transferred to London.  He then went into filmmaking, directing Elton John’s documentary “Tantrums & Tiaras” in 1997. David serves on the board for Elton John’s AIDS Charity and is a columnist for GQ.

Elton and David have known each other and dated for 24 years.  In May 2005 Elton popped the question at a dinner party.  In December of 2005, they entered into a civil partnership, taking place in Windsor.  They have two children, Zachary and Elijah, both by the same surrogate.  In 2014 Elton John and David Furnish were able to convert their civil partnership into marriage due to the new gay marriage legislation.  Their marriage was on their 9th anniversary on December 21st, 2014 in Windsor.

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Let’s “Roar with Katy Perry

Katy Perry, born October 25th, 1984 in Santa Barbara California.  Katy’s birth name was Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.  Her parents were both pastors, so growing up she was  allowed to listen and sing only gospel music.  There was no watching MTV for Katy.

Signed on with Red Hill Records, which was a Christian label:

In 2001 under the name of Katy Hudson, her debut studio album was unsuccessful.  She then ventured into secular music.

Move To LA:

Katy Hudson dropped her name and now went by Katy Perry, using her mothers maiden name.

In 2007 Katy signed with Capitol Records.  In 2008 her first secular song was “I Kissed A Girl”, which caused a lot of controversy.

Albums by Katy Perry:

“Witness” (2017), “Prism ” 2013, “Teenage Dream” 2010, “One Of The Boys” (2008), “Katy Hudson” 2001.

“Firework”, “Roar”, “Dark Horse”, sold 6 million copies.  These received The Diamond Song Certification from RIAA, making her the first artist to accept this this award.

28 singles sold with 25 million sold globally , with over 40 million albums sold.

What is the Diamond Song Certification from RIAA:

RIAA “Recording Industry Association of America”, which launched in 1958. In 1999 the program expand to include The Diamond Award honoring 10 million or more certification for a song or album.

The Diamond Award is based on the number of albums and singles sold through retail and other ancillary markets.

Gold- is a single album sold (5000,000) units, (records, tapes or compact discs).

In 1976 the Platinum award was added, selling 1 million units, and singles selling over 2 million units.

The Multi – Platinum was introduced in 1984.  There have been many changes in how many units are required since 1989 -1995.

Movies Katy Perry starred in:

Katy Perry – Part Of Me (2012), The Smurfs (2011), The Smurfs 2 (2013), The X Factor, and Zoolander 2 (2016).

Katy Perry starts her own record label:

In July 17th, 2014, Perry started her own record label called “Metamorphosis Music”.  Her first artist to sign on was Ferras Alqaisi who was with Capital Records in 2007.  Ferras released his self-titled EP the same day the record label was released.

buy your tickets now at will have your tickets for the North America tour with Katy Perry and Ferras.  They will start out June 22 in Raleigh North Carolina, and again on  October 11th in Houston, Texas.  To see all of KATY PERRYS CONCERTS DATES GO TO



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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez added 32 additional performances for her headline residency “Jennifer Lopez:  “All I Have”, at The Axis at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas NV. I do need to mention her first concert at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas NV Saturday 27th at 8:00 pm, Calibash: Jennifer Lopez, Luis Fonsi, and Maluma and Fariuko.  You can get your tickets at

Saturday February 3rd at 9:00 pm The Armory – Minneapolis MN.  February 21st thru May 18th she will be back in Las Vegas, at The Axis at Planet Hollywood.  Go to for all dates and times for Jennifer Lopez’s dynamic, innovative and passionate live performances.  Jennifer Lopez tickets sell out fast, so call your friends and get yours now.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake, from an actor, to a songwriter, to one of the youngest lead vocalist with the well known boy band NSYNC.  Justin Timberlake is a Grammy award winner and is now on a dynamic leading edge 2018 tour. has all your ticket needs!

Look for Justin May 2nd at Talking Stick Resort Area in Phoenix AZ, Wednesday 7:30 pm.  March 13th and 15th at 7:30 pm at Air Canada Centre – Toronto, ON.  March 18th 7:30 pm at Capital One Arena Washington DC.  March 21st and 22nd at 8:00 pm at Madison Square Garden New York NY.  There are many more tour dates that you can look at, just hit the link for dates and times.

Katy Perry

From a gospel singer in church to pop music, songwriter and actress to Perry’s Super Bowle XLIX half time show in 2015 seen by 118.5 million viewers.

Katy Perry’s Witness tour for 2018 starts out Jan 31st at Golden 1 Center, Sacramento CA, at 7:00 pm, February 2nd, Moda Center at the Rose Quarter in Portland Or.,  February 3rd  Tacoma Dome Washington,  February 5th and 6th at Rogers Arena Vancouver BC.  Then off to Arena Cludad de Mexico, Mexico City on May 3rd for a 9:00 pm concert.  Then Katy is off to Germany and London, then back to the United States.  Check out for all of Katy Perry’s concerts, times and dates.

I want to thank each and every one of you who read my blog.

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FAREWELL Yellow Brick Road, Elton John’s Last World Tour Tickets sold at

imagesElton John at 70 years old has announced his upcoming tour will be his last.

Elton John baby picture

Elton John,s birth name was Reginald Kenneth Dwight.  His father Stanley Dwight, a Royal Air Force Officer his mother Shella (Harris) Dwight lived in Pinner, Middlesex  where Elton was born on March 25th,1947, and was raised by a council house by his maternal grandparents, in Pinner.

At four years old Elton John was starting to play the piano.  At 11 years old he won his first scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music.  His first band was called Bluesology.  When Dwight teamed up with lyricist Bennie Taupin, he changed his name to Elton John.  His name change came from a saxophonist Elton Dean and Long John Baldry who was the lead singer in their band.

Just some fun facts;

Elton was nominated for three Academy Awards and has won once.  He has four Tony Awards and has won only once.  After 34 Grammy Awards he one five times.

In Elton John,s early days he wore whimsical costumes and crazy glasses.  Your may remember his duck suit, a sequined baseball uniform and a Ronald McDonald outfit.  Due to his shyness onstage he wore colorful clothes to offset it.

He is the third most successful Billboard Hot 100 artist of all time.  Madonna and the Beatles rank higher.

I remember  at Princess Diana,s memorial Elton John sang “Candle in the Wind”, this song then sold over 10 million copies in the United States and became the best-selling single of all times.  Proceeds form the record sales went to Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. “Candle in the Wind” was originally written as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

In 1970, was Elton John,s first world tour., 1973 “Crocodile Rock” reaches the top of the Billboard singles chart.  He also released a double album, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.

There is so much to be said about Elton John there just isn’t enough room in this blog to write it all.  ( I might have to do another blog just to say everything I would like to saw about  Elton John, this icon of a singer, song writer).

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Justin Timberlake 2018 The Man Of The Woods Tour: Tickets sold at

Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee.  In (1993) when Justin was only 11, he appeared on the television show Star Search. Unfortunately for Justin, he didn’t win, but in (1989) appeared on The All New Mickey Mouse Club.

Justin lived with Cameron Diaz from 2003-2006, then in 2012 he married Jessica Biel.  They have one son Sifas Ranall Timberlake born on April 10th 2015.

As of 2017 Justin’s net worth is $230 million.

Justin Timberlake tickets can be purchased from The tour starts May 2nd at 7:30pm, at the Talking Stick Resort Area – Phoenix AZ, March 13th 7:30pm, at the Air Canada – Toronto ON, March 18th 7:30pm, at the  Capital One Arena – Washington DC, March 21st Madison Square Garden – New York NY, March 25th 7:30pm, at the Prudential Center – Newark NJ.  Justin will travel to 27 city’s ending up in his home town of Memphis Tennessee.  Visit to see a full schedule of The Man Of The Woods Tour dates.

J.T’s concert series is named, The Man Of The Woods Tour.  “The outdoors is the inspiration for a lot of these songs.  That’s the main idea.”  “The tour will be able to bring the outside in.  How can we bring that to life.”

“Suite & Ties” is from J.T.’s third studio album, The 20/20 Experience (2013).  Shawn “Jay-Z” was also part of the vocals on this song.  The song premiered on You Tube on January 13th 2013 and RCA Records released it on January 15th as the lead single.  This served as a musical come back for Justin Timberlake following a six year hiatus.  During this period he pursued his acting career and worked on his skills as a record producer and song writer for other artist.

Justin starred in movies like Trolls Holiday (2017), Trolls (2016), Wonder Wheel (2017), Runner Runner (2013), just to name a few.  Some of Justin’s songs that he wrote for other artist were “Partition”, by Beyoncé, “The Only Promise That Remains”, by Reba, “Rehab”, by Rihanna, and “Work It’, by Nelly.

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Jennifer Lopez on tour in 2018

save jennifer lopez picture

Jennifer Lopez, also known by her nickname J.Lo, has worn many hats in her time.  From an American singer, actress, pop music dancer, and fashion designer.

J.Lo was born July24th, 1969 in Castle Hill, NY City.  After 3 marriages she has two beautiful children.

Jennifer Lopez tickets are available at 

The tour will begin, January 20th at 8:00pm at Staples Center – Los Angles CA, Jan 27th at 8:00pm at T-Mobile Arena – Los Angles CA, February 3rd at 9:00pm at The Armory – Minneapolis MN.  

Lopez was introduced as a “fly girl” dancer on the television series “In Living Color” in 1991. The comedy sketch show was J.Lo’s break into show business. Then in 1993 she pursued her acting career.  Her first leading role was in 1997 when she played the role of Selena.  Lopez received a Golden Globe nomination and became the first Latin actress to earn 1 million for a film.  From Anaconda (1997), Out OF Sight (1998), J.Lo became one of the highest paid Latin Hollywood actresses.

In 1999 her studio album, One The 6, landed her on the Billboard Hot 100 top singles, “If You Had My Love” and “Waiting For Tonight”.

In 2001 her second album and her role in the romantic comedy, The Wedding Planner, she was the first women to have both film and music released simultaneously.  Sadly one of J.Lo’s  failures was in the 2003 film Gigli.  That didn’t stop her from other comedies like Shall We Dance (2004), and Mother-in-Law (2005).  In 2011 she was on the hit television series American Idol, where she was a judge.

Lopez went on her first International Tour in 2012, and then commenced a residency show in Las Vegas.

In March of  2017, Jennifer Lopez and MLB pro Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez have been dating.  A-Rod did confirm the relationship when he was on The View.  The pair did make their red carpet debut as a couple at the 2017 Met Gala In May.

Jennifer and A-Rod have a lot in common.  They are both Leos, both from New York and both Latino.

The famous power couple have been busy looking for a house together.  They will both invest in the home when they find the perfect one.  Jennifer made the statement, “It’s nice to be with a man who has his own money an spends it wisely.”


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