The Drivers Are the Heart of Monster Jam

Monster Jam

Monster Jam fills stadiums and arenas worldwide with 12,000-pound monster trucks performing backflips and two-wheel skills, which require world-class male and female drivers with physical strength, stamina, dexterity and creativity to perform gravity-defying stunts.

No matter if you plan to attend Monster Jam Pittsburgh or just curiously wish to learn more, there is much information available that you may find beneficial.

Track Design

At Monster Jam events, fans witness world-class drivers competing with 1,500 horsepower Monster Jam trucks in jaw-dropping spectacles. But this unique spectacle is more than just about trucks and arena-style tracks: there are so many elements that contribute to its magic that make Monster Jam such a special experience!

Setting the perfect track for each city event is no simple task. Long after the stadium lights have dimmed and fans have gone home, crews still labor tirelessly transforming a football field into a Monster Jam racetrack, all the while safeguarding stadium grounds.

Drivers plan a few stunts for every run, but sometimes things go awry. That is why being flexible is essential; being able to change course quickly while keeping an eye on the prize will ensure their success.


Monster Jam’s drivers are at the core of its action. Competing in racing or 2-wheel skills competition, these athletes provide fans with an unforgettable show. Each driver brings his or her own style and unique tricks; all are highly trained athletes capable of driving with speed and accuracy.

Talent scouting and training programs are used to select drivers for monster truck driving jobs. Drivers learn everything from basic truck operation to honing their driving skills and improving them, in addition to receiving instruction in public relations and preparation for special events.

Trucks are designed to protect drivers at all times, with built-in roll cages and custom seats tailored specifically for drivers. Furthermore, each truck comes equipped with an emergency shut off switch which can be activated at any time by its driver.


Monster Jam trucks are full-sized fiberglass monsters designed and custom built specifically to race. Each driver sits inside an enclosed steel compartment on the truck chassis; powered by enormous engines producing up to 1,500 horsepower each engine can deliver exceptional power for driving these monsters across challenging tracks.

Trucks perform various tricks, flips and jumps over ramps, junked cars and other obstacles on the event floor – creating controlled chaos which fans love! Fiberglass bodies fall off, axles break and there may even be fire at times; all part of the show. Attendees score drivers using an app on their smartphones.

As well as crazy racing and freestyle action, this tour features various interactive games designed for spectators in the pits between events. Attendees may win prizes for best lap time, air meter measurement or more.


Monster Jam takes extraordinary measures to ensure spectator safety at every event. All trucks undergo thorough safety inspections prior to each show, and drivers receive months-to-years worth of specialized training from experts in order to perfect their craft while remaining mindful of protecting both themselves and spectators from harm.

Trucks feature front and rear lockers to engage the differential so if a wheel falls off it stays attached rather than rolling into an adjacent crowd. Furthermore, they utilize brakes on each driveshaft instead of axle axles, providing increased effectiveness should there be any damage.

Arrive early so you have time to find your seats, use the restroom, and purchase food or beverages before the action starts. Plus, don’t miss the Pit Party: an interactive pre-show event where fans can meet drivers face-to-face as well as check out their massive trucks close up!

Kanye’s Post-Release Updates to Life of Pablo

Kanye West Lollapalooza Chile 2011 2
By rodrigoferrari (Kanye West 05) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Kanye West released his most recent album, The Life of Pablo, on February 14, but he still has not finished it. West has been revising lyrics, changing the song order, and adding and removing tracks. He plans to continue making changes indefinitely.

This is possible because West’s music was released through a streaming service, rather than as a finished CD. The Life of Pablo is available exclusively from Tidal. Right after he released the single “No More Parties in L.A.” in January, West uploaded a new version. He updated one track, “Wolves,” and added a new track on March 15. West has said that the album will never be sold anywhere except Tidal. Since he does not plan to release a definitive CD version, the album may never be finished.

West’s practice of reworking songs and releasing updated versions is similar to the way developers patch their software. Software as a service (SaaS) is a model in which software is sold on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. The Life of Pablo is called a minimum viable product. That is a product that is released and can be continuously improved in response to customer feedback.

This principle is used in cloud computing and with many versions of software. The model is used for numerous business applications, games, content management, and antivirus products. The Life of Pablo is the first SaaS album.

By making changes to his album after it was released, West is turning an album from a product into a service. This allows subscribers to follow his creative process.

Streaming and continuously updating music can be beneficial to artists. It can frustrate music pirates because there may never be a definitive completed version of an album for them to sell. It can enable artists to respond to feedback from fans and make adjustments and improvements. Having music that changes often could also help streaming services become more viable because they could offer something that a CD or download cannot.

It is unclear how changing songs after an album is released might affect performances when artists go on tour. An audience in one location might hear the most recent version of a song one night, and a different audience could hear a different version the next night if the artist decides to make changes. Some artists have traditionally played live versions of songs that differ from studio versions. That practice could become more common now that artists can change their music at any time.

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